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Since technology is going more innovative which turned business owner, entrepreneur and other SMEs are overwhelming interested in online e-commerce development because it can help to boost their products sale effectiveness & efficiency reach to buyers over the world. Presently some banks in Cambodia have been providing a support regarding the online payment gateway as well to facilitate the transaction of items purchase order on the internet, so buyers are now can proceed their payment with credit card (Visa/Master) securely.

GreenICT Technology Co., Ltd, have been experienced to integrate electronic commerce website with any virtual payment solution for many domestic companies. Moreover, not just integration service but meanwhile we’re providing e-commerce web platform development either B2B or B2C model also.

If you want to consult about e-commerce development processes or contact us for information, click here. We have professional developers, experienced e-commerce person in charge and consultation to assist your business growth in the Cambodia marketplace.

When it comes to turning the advantages offered by an e-commerce website into an online reality, nothing is more important for a company’s business transactions than a high-quality web development process. In fact, because it is ultimately the only way through which a website can make its way onto the Internet, e-commerce website development is ultimately the key to overall digital marketing success.

Because site development is so essential to getting a website up and running, finding the best e-commerce website developer available in Internet marketing today is one of the best decisions you can make for your company.

For this reason, understanding the e-commerce development basics is the first step toward the exact type of online store and company website you are ultimately looking for.

E-commerce platform is the process of building, customizing and extending websites by coding programming languages and databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other server side script PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, etc. Nonetheless, e-commerce platform is not only what turns a website into an online reality, but is also what makes an online website a more dynamic and effective company business source.

For this reason, e-commerce development is the single most important aspect of e-commerce. While e-commerce website development typically involves steps such as feasibility study, user requirement, analyzing a company’s e-commerce needs, assigning qualified developers, formulating a basic web design plan, establishing web hosting, and, ultimately, launching a final e-commerce website.

The most e-commerce website development is concentrated on security, DDos protection, user friendly, fast performance and online service support. The most of e-commerce is required SSL to make a confident for buyers when they purchase products with credit card. Let’s try to simplify overall platform easier to access to the product search and for user registration & signup as well. You have to buy a high speed of web hosting that has a good performance it can be allowed as many as buyers to access onto the website easily without interruption.

GreenICT Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative of Technology Company where you can choose for a partner to start up e-commerce business. We’re welcome for all whom are enthusiastic to make e-commerce works in the country.

Here is our E-commerce Development Procedure:
1.  Project feasibility study
2.  Collect user requirement
3.  Submit quotation to website owner
4.  Sign on the quotation
5.  Submit agreement contract and signature
6.  Deposit 50% of total payment
7.  Submit project schedule and timeframe to website owner
8. Website wireframe, UI & UX prototyping, mockup and layout design
9.  Coding implementation
10.  UAT testing (Demo)
11.  Finalize the development
12.  Upload to web hosting
13.  Training on how to use the website
14.  Collect the last payment
15.  Project completion sign-off

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