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We have been experience with website development for 10 years already. There are around thousand websites including static web pages and dynamic web pages that we’ve designed for clients who come from different sectors such as organization, education institution, private companies and ministry, etc.

We try all our efforts to complete a website by project schedule which agreed with project owner and we make sure that its design looks very nice, high technologies, security and good performance. Of course, at the end of website completion we definitely assign developers team to meet website owner to cross-check all functionalities to ensure the development is right by user requirements.

Furthermore, we’re specialized in both Open Source software and Microsoft software form web development.

Open Source software:
–  Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Ruby
–  Content management system (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, TYPO3, Textpattern, Spip, etc)
–  Framework (CodeIgniter, Laravel, RubyOnRails)

Microsoft software:
–  Window, IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server
–  ASP.NET CMS (Kooboo, Kentico, Umbraco, etc)

Web Development Tools:
–  Adobe Dreamweaver
–  Microsoft Visual Studio
–  Text Editor
–  Eclipse

Layout Design Tools:
–  Adobe Photoshop
–  Adobe Illustrator

Wireframes, mockups, UI concepts or prototypes Tool:
–  Cacoo
–  Moqups

Besides server side we’re also good at client side such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular and web responsive, etc.

Here is our Web Development Procedure:
1.  Project feasibility study
2.  Collect user requirement
3.  Submit quotation to website owner
4.  Sign on the quotation
5.  Submit agreement contract and signature
6.  Deposit 50% of total payment
7.  Submit project schedule and timeframe to website owner
8.  Website wireframe, UI & UX prototyping, mockup and layout design
9.  Coding implementation
10.  UAT testing (Demo)
11.  Finalize the development
12.  Upload to web hosting
13.  Training on how to use the website
14.  Collect the last payment
15.  Project completion sign-off

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