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Green I C T Technology Co., Ltd is providing a software which can manage human resource, administration works, time attendance and also payroll system. Presently it’s being utilized by many small & medium companies in Cambodia. We develop it from scratch that comply with accuracy of professional HR & Payroll functions.

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A human resource management system (HRMS) is computer software that employers use to manage the human resources functions of their organization. It has the capability to maintain employment records of all staff members, and employers can use it to collect metrics surrounding the company’s staffing, performance management, compensation and benefits activities.

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed after implementing an HRMS into an organization, such as:

  1. Expedition of recurring tasks through automation
  2. Improved ability to reach large candidate pools regarding new position openings
  3. Ability to apply higher selection standards quickly to a number of applications
  4. Speedy onboarding due to mobile accessibility
  5. Reduction of paper and related materials and storage often yields cost savings
  6. Ease in distributing up-to-date materials regarding company policies and procedures
  7. Potential for greater employee engagement through self-service options
  8. Streamlining of open enrollment for benefits
  9. Empowerment of employees to change benefits information directly as changes occur
  10. Improved collaboration throughout organization, even when there are multiple company locations
  11. Scheduling optimization with emphasis on compliance and immediate distribution to employees
  12. Reduction of errors in payroll and employee information database
  13. Improved time and attendance tracking abilities and accuracy
  14. Decrease in compliance woes aided by alerts and automatic reporting options

While the HRMS features benefit the organization in many ways, one of the most important of all HRMS benefits relates to the ability of the software program to improve productivity of human resources employees. These systems are highly detailed, and they are designed to enhance and speed up the efforts of HR employees in a number of ways. For example, they can assist with the recruitment process by simplifying the efforts associated with collecting resumes, reviewing candidate information and more.

HRMS systems can also be used to improve productivity related to financial management through, time attendance, payroll processing tasks and benefits administration. These and other related tasks may require numerous hours of manpower each week, but the time and effort required to complete them can be drastically reduced when some of the tasks are automated through an HRMS system. Tasks that may have required many hours of labor may become tasks that can be completed quickly and easily or sometimes even automatically “ with the software program.

Green I C T’s HR, Time Attendance and Payroll System:

GreenPAC-Payroll & Attendance GreenPAC-HR & Attendance
1. Attendance 1. Attendance
Check in/out calculation Check in/out calculation
New Check-in/out New Check-in/out
New Check-in/out O.T New Check-in/out O.T
Transfer Check-In/Out Transfer Check-In/Out
Cancel Attendance Cancel Attendance
Attendant Report Attendant Report
Attendance Summary Report Attendance Summary Report
Attendance Detail Report Attendance Detail Report
Check-In/Out From Finger Print Check-I n/Out From Finger Print
Check-In/Out List Check-In/Out List
Daily Attendant Status Daily Attendant Status
Monthly Attendant Report Monthly Attendant Report
Missing Attendance Missing Attendance
Missing Attendance Detail Report Missing Attendance Detail Report
Absent Report Absent Report
Yearly Absent List Yearly Absent List
Attendant Approval Attendant Approval
Approve Attendants Approve Attendants
OT Calculation OT Calculation
Setup OT Rule Setup OT Rule
OT Policy List OT Policy List
OT Policy Applied List OT Policy Applied List
OT Rule Group List OT Rule Group List
OT Rate List OT Rate List
Generate OT Generate OT
Authorize OT Authorize OT
Check-In/Out O.T List Check-In/Out O.T List
OT Summary Report OT Summary Report
Take Leave Take Leave
Take Leave Take Leave
Authorize Leaves Authorize Leaves
Leave By Group Report Leave By Group Report
Leave Authorized List Leave Authorized List
Leave Report by Employee Leave Report by Employee
Time shift Management Time shift Management
Working Shift Working Shift
Working Time Working Time
Working Day Working Day
Working Policy Detail Report Working Policy Detail Report
2. Human Resource 2. Human Resource
Configuration Configuration
Setup Payroll Configuration Setup Payroll Configuration
Company Structure Company Structure
Setup Company Information Setup Company Information
Setup Departments Setup Departments
Setup Position Setup Position
Company Information Report Company Information Report
Holiday Arrangement Company Structure
Holiday Arrangement Holiday Arrangement
Employee Report Holiday Arrangement
Create New Employee Employee Report
Employee List Create New Employee
Bank Information Employee List
Modify Information Employee Qualification
Employee Report Bank Information
Employee Working Report Family Information
Work History Report Modify Information
Print Name Card Employee Report
Staff New and Resign Employee Working Report
Leaved and Resigned Report Work History Report
3. Payroll Print Name Card
Setup Benefit Staff Evaluation
Setup Benefit New KPI
Deduction setup Performance  Evaluation
Setup Deduction Performance Evaluation Report
Tax setup KPI Report
Setup Tax Condition KPI Level
Tax Condition Report KPI Measure
Staff Loan KPI Group
New Loan Staff Development
Loan List Setup Development Type
New Loan Payment Development List
Monthly Loan Payment List Training
Salary Approval Training Type
Authorize Salaries New Training
Salary Authorized List Authorize Training
Salary Authorized Report Detail Training List
Salary Payment Training Authorized Report
New Salary Payment (KHR) Job Description
New Salary Payment (USD) Job Description List
Salary Payment  List Staff New and Resign
Payroll for bank Leaved and Resigned Report
New Bank Payrolls
Payroll Banking Report
Payroll Report
Payroll Report
Payroll Gov.Tax Report
Total Net Salary
Pay slip
Pay slip Reports
Individual Pay slip Report
Currency Maintenance

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