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Green I C T is producing a product which benefit for all small & medium enterprises. We think that there are many of small businesses in the country are still lack of technology innovation because of they have not understood well about the advantages of using computer system.

Green I C T would like to encourage to all of those SMEs that please trend to technology utilization because it helps business growth faster effectively & efficiency. It saves the time and less papers usage actually. People can easily to control the project as well as revenue & expense very faster and convenient.

We, today would like to introduce you about one of Green I C T products it’s called POS or (Point of Sale Management System).

Q: Which kind of business should use it?
A: It is the best for all retailers businesses.

Advantages of POS

There are several advantages to using POS system in your business. If you are just starting out as a business owner or vendor, it can be hard to understand why you should invest into more expensive hardware rather than opting for the cheaper version, such as a simple cash till.

POS system is an integrated system that can organise, control and analyse various parts of your business, from cash transactions to backend reporting, staff monitoring and inventory control.

The additional features a POS system offers over a cash till are interesting enough, however, it is predominantly the integration of all features in a single system that makes life so much easier for the merchant. With a sophisticated POS system it is possible to get reports about best-selling items, best-performing staff, peak sales times and best-performing sales channels, allowing you to optimise your business flow easily.

The 5 Business Benefits of POS

1. Financial Accuracy

One advantage of POS systems is the increased financial accuracy when charging customers. Traditionally, businesses rely on their staff’s competence to correctly calculate sales transactions, which can lead to mistakes and omissions. This can result in customers being overcharged, reducing the likelihood of them returning, or undercharged, resulting in a loss of profit. POS systems greatly reduce the possibility of such staff errors, ensuring that a business’s pricing and charging structure remains consistent.

2. Accountability

Point of sale systems allow businesses to accurately monitor and record staff activity. Being able to pinpoint which staff members were responsible for specific transactions can prove extremely useful for employers. For example, employers can identify employees with the strongest sales figures, encouraging a spirit of competition within the business. In contrast, those with particularly poor sales figures, or those displaying unusual sales activity, such as unusually high levels of voided transactions, can be easily identified.

3. Speed & Efficiency

POS systems greatly improve the speed and efficiency of transactions, which will appeal to customers and help your employees focus on serving more people. This can improve your customers’ overall experience and encourage repeat custom in the future.

4. Stock Management

Modern POS systems can also be used to manage stock. Businesses have the ability to quickly review their current levels of stock, and easily identify areas in which a greater level of stock is required. The advantage of an automated POS system is that it can save a noticeable amount of time compared to traditional, manual stocktaking operations.

5. Reporting

A final advantage of POS systems is their ability to produce a variety of business performance reports. Such reports can range from a basic analysis of daily or annual profit margins, to an identification of the top selling products or services in a company’s range. Such information can provide a business with a useful picture of their overall performance, and can help influence marketing campaigns. For example you can apply discounts to less popular sales items at certain times in the year.

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Green I C T’s Point of Sale System Features
1. Setup
Configuration Settings
Currency Maintenance
Company Preferences
Prefix List
Setup Tax
Bank Accounts
User Role and Permission
Role Permissions
Fields Access
User Maintenance
Profile Import
Import  Category
Import Items
Import Stock Opening Balance
2. Accounting
Journal Entry
Profit and Loss
Journal Report
Cash Report
Account List
3. Inventory
Opening Balance Stock
Enter Opening Balance
Item Opening Balance List
Convert Stock
Covert Item UOM
Stock Transfer
Transfer Items
Receive Item Transfers
Stock Transfer and Adjust Report
Stock Adjustment
Adjust Quantity
Enter Stock Counts
Print Stock Count List
Stock Adjustment Quantity List
Cost Adjustment
Adjust Cost
Reorder Level
Reorder Level Report
Stock Usage
Using Stock
Using Stock List
Stock Comparison
Compare Counts Vs Stock Check Data
Inventory Report
Items List
Inventory Report
Inventory Report Detail
Inventory Item Movements
Inventory Valuation Report
Inventory Structure
Category List
Location List
Units of Measure List
Reorder Level List
Picture Inventory List
Item Brand
Item Class
Prices List
Print Barcodes
4. Purchase
Bill and Receive
Enter Bill and Receive Item
Enter Bill List
Enter Bill History
Supplier List
5. AP
Supplier Opening Balance
Supplier Opening Balance List
Voucher List
A/P By Supplier
6. Sale
Invoice and Sale Receipt
Enter Sale Receipt List
Enter Sale Receipt History
POS Page
Sale Return
Sale Return
Sale Return List
Sale Report
Sale By Area
Sale Summary By Area
Daily Sales Inquiry
Top Sales Items Inquiry
Sale Report By Item
Salesman Report
Salesman Report By Location
Salesman Report By Location Summary
Salesman Report By Customer
Print Price Lists
Customer List
Sales Types
Customer Types
Sales Persons
Sales Areas
7. AR
Customer Opening Balance
Customer Opening Balance List
A/R By Customer
Receipt Payment List
Credit Status
Payment Methods

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