Accounting Management System


Green I C T have been experienced to develop accounting management system for many years. It has been using by small & medium companies in Cambodia. The system is built from scratch by professional Cambodian developers who have a wide range of programming, analysis, design as well as accounting knowledge.

It’s a kind of web application which be accessed on the web browser using PHP programming language and MySQL database. Security is built-in very strong company owners is motivated to check transactions, revenue & expense report from anywhere conveniently & safely.

Green I C T accounting management system is customizable as users required. Furthermore you’re also be able proposing for interface design (UI), report design, invoice & receipt customization. It is not only installed on-premises server but also cloud-based server which is to make easy for companies, employees they can track in real-time of report updates in every single minutes.

iPad and other tablet devices contain a bigger screen enough are appreciated to practice it directly as well, just open a web browser and load your accounting system private URL. We are passionate to make it more compatible for all devices and fulfill with user’s preference, if you’ve got any issue please contact us click here.

Green I C T accounting management system consists of many invaluable functions for enterprise or big group of business that has a few more of subsidiary companies inside, also be able to use our accounting software by only installing one in head quarter office and share to other subsidiary. Report data will be automatically synchronized to the head quarter office’s server center immediately as long as network internet connection is well-connected.

Green I C T accounting software can be implemented by (1) merchandise business which operating buy & sale products, (2) Service provider and (3) manufacturer.

Below is the procedure of Green I C T accounting software’s installation:

To ensure that software is performing correctly with your business daily operation, we require you to practice a few brief of development phases as the following:

  1. Appoint for meeting with end-user who involve with business or accounting operation
  2. Current business operation feasibility study
  3. Gathering requirement and documents
  4. Gathering concerning issues
  5. Asking for project innovation
  6. Defining project schedule
  7. Defining teamwork’s specific appointment DATE/TIME
  8. Providing a good communication between both teamwork

Accounting System Features

Modules Descriptions
1. Company Setup
Configuration Settings Set whole system parameters
Currency Maintenance Add and edit currencies
Company Preferences Set company information and account for financial report
Prefix List Add and edit Prefix for Quotation, Invoice, Receive Number
Setup Tax Add Sale Tax and Purchase Tax
Set Authorization levels Add Purchase and Sale Authorizer
Auditrial View All User Activities
Bank Accounts Add account for cash in and cash out
User Role and Permission
Role Permissions Add and edit user right
Fields Access Add and edit functionalities of each form
User Maintenance Add and edit system user
Profile Import
Import Account Import chart of account into system
Import  Category Import Type of product into system
Import Supplier Import Supplier Profile into system
Import Customers Import customer profile into system
Import Items Import Item Profile into system
Import Customer Opening Balance Import Customer Credit Amount  into system
Import Supplier Opening Balance Import Supplier Debit Amount into system
Import Stock Opening Balance Import Stock Quantities into system
2. Accounting
Accounting Structure
Account Sections Add Accounting Group
Chart of Account Add Chart of Account
Journal Entry
Enter General Journals Entry General Business Transaction
Enter Income Journals Entry Income Transaction
Enter Expense Journals Entry Expense Transaction
Accounting Report
Trial Balance View Balancing of Account Group
Journal Report Detail View all accounting entry records by double entry
General Ledger
Account Inquiry View transaction by each account name
Financial Statement
Profit and Loss Statement View company profile or lose
Balance Sheet View balancing of assets, liabilities and equities
Cash Flow Statement View Cash flow in and Cash flow out
Income and Expense Graph
Income and Expense Graph View graph of income and expense
3. Inventory Warehouse to allow to manage
Inventory Structure
Location List Add warehouse that product put in
Category List Add product type and set chart of account to show in financial report
Units of Measure List Add product measure
Item Brand Add brand or model
Item Class Add group of product type
Items List Add Product Information
Re-Order Level
Setup Re-Order Level Set product limit quantity to purchase in
Reorder Level Report View product that need to purchase in
Opening Stock Balance
Enter Opening Balance Add opening product quantity into system
Item Opening Balance List View list of product opening quantity that was inputted into system
Stock Transfer
Transfer Items Move product from one warehouse to other warehouses
Receive Item Transfers Receive product moved to warehouse
Stock Transfer Report View product moved report
Stock Adjustment
Enter Stock Counts Input product quantities after make a real count
Print Stock Count List Print out real count quantities list
Adjust Quantity Make adjustment of product quantities after real count
Stock Adjustment Quantity List View quantities adjustment list
Inventory Report
Inventory Item Movements View product quantities movement such as sale, purchase by date
Inventory Valuation Report View the amount of each product
Inventory Report Detail View product quantities balancing with detail transaction
Minus Stock Report View out of stock product report
Picture Inventory List View image of product
Print Barcodes Print out product barcode
4. Purchase
Purchase Order
Create Purchase Orders Create a purchase order form to supplier
Authorize Purchase Orders Approve on purchase order to buy product
Purchase Order List View product order list
Purchase Order By Category View product order by product type
Purchase Order Report View formal product order report
Bill and Return
Create Bill Input purchase invoice after get invoice from supplier
Create Purchase Return Return items to supplier
Enter Bill Detail List Purchase invoice Detail list
Enter Bill Summary List Purchase invoice Summary list
Daily Purchase Inquiry List View Daily Purchase report
Purchase Return Detail List View purchase return detail list
Purchase Return Summary List View purchase return summary list
Supplier List View list of supplier
5. Account Payable
Opening Balance
Supplier Opening Balance Add supplier account payable balancing to system
Supplier Opening Balance List View opening account payable list
Supplier Payment
Payment Voucher Make a payment to supplier
Payment Voucher List View list of vouchers that already paid to supplier
Forecast Aging Report
Forecast Aging AP Show account payable by period
Aging Summary By Supplier Show summary of account payable by supplier
6. Sale
Sale Order
Create SO/Quotation Create Sale order form or Quotation from to customer
Authorize Sale Orders Approve on quotation of customer product order
Sale Order List View list of Sale Order or Quotation
Invoice and Receipt
Create Sale Receipt Create Invoice with some payment to customer
Create Invoice Create Invoice with full credit or not get payment yet
Enter Sale Receipt List View both not pay and some pay of Invoice List
Inventory Item Sale Summary View product was sold with price , cost and margin
Daily Sales Inquiry View daily product that was sold by invoice
Salesman Report By Location View product sold by salesman and area
Customer Transaction View customer transaction such as his buying history
Items by Customer View Item was bought by customer
Sale Return
Sale Return Create product return back after customer bought
Sale Return List View list of customer product return
Customer List View customer list
Sales Types Add type of sale such as special, whole sale,
Customer Types Add type of customer such as good customer, partner customer
Sales Persons Add salesman
Sales Areas Add area of customer
7. Point of Sale(POS) Manage small business, retail and perform sales transactions. Also manage customer, inventory and report.
8. Account Receivable
Open Balance
Enter Customer Opening Balance Add account receivable balancing into system
Customer Opening Balance List View list of opening account receivable
Customer Deposit
Enter Customer Deposits Make the deposit from customer
Customer Deposit List View list of customer deposit
Customer Payment
Enter Customer Payment Get payment from customer
Customer Payment List Customer payment list
Payment Methods add type of payment can by cash, by cheque
Account Receivable by Customer
A/R By Customer View account receive by customer

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